First Look: Badge Forge

Badge Forge is an interesting tool that is still in the development phases. Badge Forge allows you to easily create your own badges with your own criteria. So far the only method for validating a badge is “Self Reporting,”

however 4 methods of validation are soon to be available:

“Crowd polling” – where a group of users close to the earner confirm that the badge criteria was completed.

“Expert Validation” – where an expert in the badge’s subject matter confirms the badge.

“System Confirmation” – where an automated system determines whether or not the conditions to earn the badge have been met.

Badge Forge is looking to be a great choice for people who wish to easily issue and earn badges without developing their own front-end or being tied to a classroom setting.  You can also choose to have customized versions of Badge Forge built for you.



– easy to use


-built in badge designer


-can be customized



-still in “beta”

-limited functionality with lots of promised content




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