First Look: ForAllBadges

ForAllBadges is similar to Youtopia in that it aims to provide an easy way for implementing badges with a class based structure. Everything is done within the site and their mobile apps for iOS and android. Schools and informal learning programs can easily create a badge system online. ForAllBadge sis also integrated with ForAllRubrics which allows users to easily create digital rubrics and keep track of student data.



  • Able to push earned badges to you Mozilla backpack
  • Completely Free
  • iOS and android apps available
  • Perfect for ¬†schools or informal learning programs looking for a quick way to set up a badge system.
  • Integrated with ForAllRubrics so you can easily keep track of student data
  • Able to make your own badges


  • Not for individuals looking to issue their own badges
  • limited features, lack of earner interactivity

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