First Look: BadgeOS

BadgeOS is a WordPress plugin that transforms any WordPress site into a complete badge system. With the plugin enabled, your site’s users are able to complete tasks, demonstrate achievements and earn badges. Administrators are given a wide range of options for defining achievement types, organizing requirements, and ways to verify whether or not a task has been completed. BadgeOS is fully integrated with the “Open Credit” API of Credly and allows users to easily share their badges. Any badges earned and updated in your WordPress site through BadgeOS are automatically sent to Credly and updated there as well. From their Credly profiles, users can easily share their badges with their favorite social media site or Mozilla Backpack. Users also have access to Credly’s Mobile app and can view and issue badges through the app as well. These are just some of the many feature available on BadgeOS, not to mention add-ons that you can download for the plugin that add even more features such as Buddypress integration.


  • Easily get a highly in-depth badge system up and running on any WordPress site
  • Designed to work with any theme
  • Gives administrators full control on how they want to issue badges to their users
  • Credly integration allows for easy sharing of earned badges on any social media site as well as Mozilla Backpack
  • Access to Credly Mobile app for viewing and issuing badges on mobile devices
  • Highly customizable
  • Completely Free
  • Code available on GitHub:


  • Forced into using Credly as a means to share badges to other sites.
  • Users have to deal with having at least two accounts for the site, one for WordPress and one for Credly
  • No means to design badges through the plugin



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