First Look: is a very simple solution for individuals looking to quickly make and issue a badge. You sign in with your Persona account that you created for Mozilla’s backpack and simply click “Create a badge.” You upload an image for your badge and then enter all of the metadata for it. After that, you ┬áthen enter the emails for all of the people you want to issue the badges to. The emails should be tied to their Backpacks so the recipients will be given the option to push badge to their Backpacks. You can also issue your badge with a randomly generated claim code.



  • Really simple, basic
  • Easy way for individuals looking to get a few badges out to other individuals
  • No need to make a new account for the site since it uses your Persona account tied to your Mozilla Backpack
  • Completely free


  • You need to have your own image for each badge you want to create
  • There is no social interactivity at all

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